Deane Headshot

Deane, Georgia

Georgia Deane, Artistic Director and Founder of the Greater Milford Ballet Company, has inspired thousands of students through her 77 years of teaching dance. Known as Miss Georgia to her students, other dance teachers, and friends, Deane continues to excite and develop a love of dance in everyone she encounters. Miss Georgia has also been a professional performer of voice, dance, and theater on the RKO Circuit with her two sisters, a musician, chairman of the Salem Cultural Arts Commission, a member of the Mendon Arts Council, president of Dance Masters of America and Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston, and a master teacher for dozens of dance teachers across the country.

In 1952, Georgia and her sister, Helen Deane, founded the first Deane School of Dance in Salem, which also had branches in Danvers, Peabody, and Hamilton. The Salem school is still operating. After relocating to Mendon in 1973, Georgia established a new Deane School of Dance and eventually founded the Greater Milford Ballet Company. When asked what her secret was to staying active for more than nine decades, Miss Georgia said it was a simple one: Just keep moving!”


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